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The Impact Of A Greeting Script In Business Calls

August 8 2020 , Written by Michael Brown Published on #receptionist greeting script

Customer experience begins from the very moment the customer steps into the building or makes a call over the phone. It is an important moment because the customer will be able to validate how the company treats its customers based on the actions of their receptionist. This being said, a receptionist is an indispensable position in the company. If the customers are not pleased with how the receptionist treats them when they visit the company, then all the expenses made by the company for advertising will be futile and redundant. To be more effective, the receptionist must have a common receptionist greeting script. This script will guarantee a smooth and pleasant interaction between first-time customers and the company’s receptionist. As a result, it will be favorable on the part of the company and at the same time, gain the trust of the customers. Regardless of their level of education and experience, training these receptionists is a must to enhance their skills. Training them should be a top priority of the company.

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