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Medical Receptionist Training Course

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The Impact Of A Greeting Script In Business Calls

August 8 2020 , Written by Michael Brown Published on #receptionist greeting script

Customer experience begins from the very moment the customer steps into the building or makes a call over the phone. It is an important moment because the customer will be able to validate how the company treats its customers based on the actions of their...

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Basic Phone Etiquette For Receptionists

July 28 2020 , Written by Michael Brown Published on #receptionist phone greetings

Telephone calls have remained an important way of communication between and among businesses, customers, and third parties. Many find phone conversation as a more convenient and effective way in addressing customer concerns compared to other methods like...

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Keeping children healthy with telemedicine

June 24 2020 , Written by Michael Brown Published on #pros and cons of telemedicine

There are a lot of aspects to parenting that must be addressed if a child is to remain healthy in the care of their family. Healthcare professionals go out of their way to help their patients get the attention they need and that their caretakers fully...

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Make Your Receptionist Stand Out

March 16 2020 , Written by Michael Brown Published on #receptionist training manual

When people walk into the front office of a business or establishment, the first person they usually get to meet and interact with is the receptionist. How the receptionist deals with potential clients and customers can have a big say on the person’s...

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Professionalism At The Workplace For Receptionists

January 22 2020 , Written by Michael Brown Published on #receptionist responsibilities, #UPbook

A chunk of a receptionist’s responsibilities is dealing with people of various ages and personalities. Even on a bad day, receptionists are expected to treat clients with respect and be professional in all their dealings. Being professional also extends...

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Effective Customer Service Training Tips

December 27 2019 , Written by Michael Brown Published on #receptionist training course

One of the proven and tested ways to retain customers is having excellent customer service. People hate wasting time on the phone with company representatives who are rude and lack proper training in handling client concerns and complaints. Unresolved...

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Benefits Of Business Call Recording

December 23 2019 , Written by Michael Brown

One of the important things that companies often overlook when taking steps to improve customer care is call recording. The good news is, more and more companies now recognize the importance of investing in a good call recording set-up. If you want to...

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How Your Front Desk Help Create Positive Impressions About Your Company

November 13 2019 , Written by Michael Brown

When clients or potential customers arrive for a business transaction, their first person of contact is usually the receptionist at the front desk area. This is also true with transactions by phone. Suffice to say, the attention that clients receive at...

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Emergency Training For Veterinary Receptionists

November 5 2019 , Written by Michael Brown Published on #Receptionist

Veterinary receptionist training should include not only delivering quality customer service and enhancing office skills and management but it should also include how to handle emergencies. Your receptionist should learn the basics of handling cases that...

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Why You Should Consider Call Recording For Your Business

October 18 2019 , Written by Michael Brown

With today’s busy lifestyles, the phone continues to be a crucial link between a business and its clients. One of the important features of good customer service is call recording. While there are still companies and business that remain to be skeptics...

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